More and more people uncover the Groomer's Secret™. Express the love and tender care for your dog by treating it with the right products. Please read what other dog enthusiasts say about Groomer's Secret™ products.

• Dogs Speaking For Themselves

In Hot Pursuit

Erika Maurer


Susan L Tennessee

• What Retailers and Groomer's say about Groomer's Secret

"In 6 years of selling shampoo, I have not heard the positive responsive like I've heard with Groomer's Secret. Customers love it! They love the way that it works, the way it smells and it's value. Groomer's Secret is a welcome asset to our Grooming Department and retail shelf."

Ric Sommons, Owner
DoLittle's 3 Locations in West Ashley & Summerville, SC


"Groomer's Secret is the only shampoo we use in our dog wash facility"

Lee Allison & Jo Welling

Dolittle's Mt. Pleasant, SC


"Our Retail customers love it! Groomer's Secret far out sells Earthbath and Buddywash in my retail store."

"Groomer's Secret are the only shampoo products used in our grooming department. The Silk Solutions does wonders for a silky coat, Nature's Remedy is awesome for skin problems, and Revive gets dirty dogs so clean. Thanks for such a great product!"

Marlene Pine, Founder
All is Well Charleston, SC


"I have been grooming for over 22 years and have tried many different shampoos and conditioners. Susan's VIP Grooming started using Groomers Secret Shampoos and Conditioner about two years ago. My shop averages 45 dogs/cats per day so the products were used on many breeds over this time. All of us are very impressed with the results of the Groomers Secret Shampoo. Not only are the dogs and cats clean, we have noticed improvements with their skin and coats. I personally recommend Groomers Secret Product for pet care professionals and the pet owner."

Susan Early, Owner
Susan's VIP Grooming Charleston, S.C.


"Our customers love the Silk Solutions Shampoo!"

Jo Anne
Critter Corner Kanab, UT


"We also have had great results with our products. Please click here to visit our Nature's Remedy and Derma-Ease page to see Andy. Andy is a rescue that we took in and nursed back to health. He is currently happy and healthy in his new loving home."

Annette and Christina
Groomer's Secret

• A Word From The Owners

"Carolina Poodle Rescue pulled Sandy from a shelter.  She had a severe case of fleas and some dermatitis.  They said that when she came into the shelter you could not tell that she was white.  They had to shave some of the hair off - it was that bad.  Her skin was really red and severely irritated.




After getting her, we washed her in Groomer's Secret Nature's Remedy and Groomer's Secret Silk Solutions Conditioner.  After her bath, her skin was normal again, her hair was soft.  She no longer itched!  It was like looking at a different dog!"

Beth Jancse






The Silk Solutions Shampoo and Conditioner keeps Shasta's hair soft and manageable. It also works well for our old pit bull terrier, Taz. It also seems to reduce the shedding around the house!

Linda D. Summerville, SC

Old Man Taz
This product line is fantastic. The Silk Solutions conditioner is by far the best I have ever used on my girls.  It smells so good and the girls are really like silk when I condition them. The shampoo last forever! The Nature's Remedy smells just fresh and clean It's good for their skin too!

Dawn Crites - Blythewood, SC



I love the Groomers secret products!!! I was having a itchy problem with Amber and I emailed them after a few emails back and forth she recommended Revive (because she swims in ponds). Well, after two baths she was much better no itching. I use it and let it sit on her for 5 min, I rinse and then use the silk shampoo and conditioner!!!

Sandy - Massachusetts



Last night was Arwen's turn (for a bath).  She got her bath between 7:15 and 8:30.  Her hair is 2 1/2" long and she looks like an Angus again. She gets extremely tight curls when she gets wet and it's almost impossible to straiten - especially if the hair is 2 1/2" long.  I use a Double K hand dryer with a nozzle that blows the hair straight.  And Arwen (2 hours after her bath) was already too dry for it to work very well.  And even when her hair is short drying her takes almost 2 hours.  But guess what - in 30 minutes her hair was completely dry and straight.  The curls just fell apart and the water blew off.  I LOVE THE CONDITIONER! I almost never get her ears dry or the bottom of her legs (even in two hours) and last night she was bone dry in 40 minutes.  I LOVE THE CONDITIONER!  AND HER HAIR IS 2 1/2" LONG.  I LOVE THE CONDITIONER!

Nancy, Arwen and Cirdan (Keer Dan) in Michigan with Durin and Beren waiting at the Bridge



Margo at her favorite pasttime

Margo has sensitive skin. Before using Groomer's Secret, she had hair loss and dull coat. She now gets compliments about her shinny, healthy coat.

Andie Embler and Margo








I was called by On the Rebound, English Bulldog, Rescue to go look at a dog at the Summerville SPCA.  They sent me photos of an older, white English bulldog who had been over bred.  I cannot tell you how horrible this dog looked.  They had put her in one of the regular pens at the shelter .  She rubbed all of the coat and top layers of skin off her backside and top of her back.  It was absolutely raw and she was in no way going to be adopted in that condition.

Since I had seen the photos I took a bottle of Derma-Ease with me to the shelter. I applied it the first time and left it with the shelter staff.  Over the next few days, as we were preparing for her to go to a foster home, the staff used the product and she instantly improved.  They were impressed and commented how well the product worked.  

Diane Lamm

I have an English Bulldog. I rescued her about a year ago. She has lots of skin issues and many allergies. The only product I can use to bath her with is the Groomer's Secret. If I don't use it frequently enough she tends to break out. Using Nature's Remedy Shampoo gives her immediate relief and stops her itching. She is very needy and it's the only thing that works.

Diane Lamm





Chance, a male Standard Poodle, that comes into our grooming shop is bathed in Groomer's Secret Revive Shampoo and Silk Solutions Conditioner. The Revive naturally whitens his beautiful white coat after 2 weeks of outdoor playtime!

Alicia F.

Bather/Groomer Summerville , SC


Cody has sensitive skin and breaks out easily. I use Groomer's Secret Nature's Remedy Shampoo and Silk Solutions Conditioner. It cleans very well and does not harm his skin. He smells great for a long time after a bath!

A. Ferrell







Sheba is my rescued Standard Poodle who arrived at my house with ears thick from fly bite scabs. After just a week of Derma-Ease applications, Sheba's ears were normal again. I have used Derma-Ease on my other dogs' skin problems with equally dramatic healing.

Sally Kerns and the Variety Pack



Skittles, my Schnauzer, has already had his first bath with "Nature's Remedy Shampoo" & "Silk Solutions Conditioner", he's been sprayed with the "Derma-Ease"...he is resting COMFORTABLY at my feet as I type this.

I say 'comfortably' in capital letters as it has been WEEKS/MONTHS that the poor little fella has just been able to lay down any length of time without having to constantly SCRATCH.

As I told you on the phone, Annette, I'd done exactly as my veterinarian had asked, bathing him bi-weekly in 'NuSal-T Shampoo'  which contained Salicylic Acid, Coal Tar &  Menthol (which is a  Antiseborrheic Anitipruritic Conditioning Formulation for Dogs) and the Conditioner was called, 'Relief' with Pramoxine HCl (which says Pramoxine HCl and Colloidal Oatmeal for Temporary Relief of Itching Discomfort and Omega-6 Fatty Acids for Dermal Renourishing).  Having gone through THREE whole bottles each (to a tune of $30 a bottle!)...and not see ANY improvement at all, I was at my wit's end!  Skittles would be scratching within thirty minutes of me bathing him!!! 

Since he sleeps with us, not only was it disturbing to him but to us, too.

Thank you SO MUCH for ALL your help...and for making such a wonderful product!!  I just know this is going to be an answer to many prayers!

MaryEllen S.

Talco , TX


I was thrilled to find Groomer's Secret Silk Solutions. Easy to apply, great at cleaning w/out drying out, and rinsing out cleanly! I couldn't ask for anything more.  Thanks!! 


Tallahassee, Florida









• Rescue Organziations Using Groomer's Secret Products


I've been using Groomer's Secret shampoo and conditioners on my maltese for 6 weeks. It produces a rich lather that thoroughly but gently cleans the coat without heavy perfumes. We are very pleased with the results.

Donna Goswick



We are located in the Charleston SC area. We have been using it for roughly 2 years now. It's our number one shampoo. Many of our dogs come in pretty rough condition with skin issues. This product helps not only the coat, but the skin. It's been a miracle. This product has taken and animal that was un-adoptable and made it adoptable. Many of our volunteers use it on their own personal dogs as well. Some were having to use prescription shampoos that were not working, and now use Groomer's Secret with great results.

Joy Davis with Lowcountry Animal Rescue


Groomer's Secret is fabulous! My babies smell and look great after just one visit. I work with rescue dogs and they come to me in horrible shape. Regular visits (once every 2 weeks) makes a world of difference in the coat of these sometimes abused and neglected dogs. They come out looking (and dare I say feeling) like a show dog. I highly recommend and proudly endorse Groomer's Secret.

Donna Durscher
Dog Lover and Sheltie Rescue Volunteer



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