Silk Solutions™ Shampoo

This specially formulated, protein enriched shampoo seals in luster and shine naturally by replacing lost lipids and proteins.


Using all natural, organic silk - with its 17 amino acids and lipids - this composition will clean and penetrate the hair, while permanently reconstructing, moisturizing and conditioning hair from the outside in. Silk protein provides a protective coating which improves the feel and appearance, leaving the coat soft, silky and static free. Hair shafts become up to 200% stronger during wet combing and 67% stronger during dry combing with regular use.

Aids in the treatment of mats, tangles, coat breakage and brushing problems. Enhances all coat conditions. This product contains pure blended oils that leave the coat with a fresh, clean smell.

"I have been using Groomer’s Secret Silk Solutions Shampoo & Conditioner on my 17 year old dog for the past two years with wonderful results. Although she has always had a healthy coat, I never imagined that it could be as soft and lush as it is now after using Groomer’s Secret. At a recent medical check up, the vet asked me what kind of products I used on my dog’s coat because she had never felt or seen such a shiny, healthy coat on a dog, especially one of her age. This really says something considering how many dogs she treats each week! "

Victoria G. Dotson - James Island, SC


Product Usage
Silk Solutions Shampoo is formulated for normal skin and coat types of all breeds.
For best results follow with Silk Solutions Conditioner.
Product Specifications
Silk Solutions Shampoo is sold in CONCENTRATE form. This product mixes 10:1.
Can be purchased in either 16 oz or Gallon size bottles
  Please contact us for Gallon Pricing
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