Silk Solutions™ Conditioner

Silk Solutions™ Conditioner is specially formulated and protein enriched. The conditioner seals in luster and shine naturally by replacing lost lipids and proteins


Natural, organic silk - with its 17 amino acids and lipids - penetrates the hair, permanently reconstructs, moisturizes and conditions the hair from the outside in. Silk protein provides a protective coating which improves the feel and appearance, leaving the coat soft, silky and static free. Hair shafts become up to 200% stronger during wet combing and 67% stronger during dry combing with regular use.

Aids in the treatment of mats, tangles, coat breakage and brushing problems. Enhances all coat conditions. Moisturizes dry, itchy skin.

This product's scent comes from pure blended oils that leaves coat with a fresh, clean smell


"My Sheltie sheds terribly.  Since I began using Silk Solutions Conditioner, he sheds less and combs out very easily. He feels so soft and smells so clean!"

Abby - Pittsburg, PA


Product Usage
Silk Solutions Conditioner is formulated for all breeds and coat types.
Can be used after a bath as a conditioning treatment or mixed as a spray-in / leave-in conditioning treatment.
»  This conditioner improves and enhances the coat and skin when used after bathing with any of our shampoos.
Product Specifications
Silk Solutions Conditioner is sold in CONCENTRATE form.
This product mixes 5:1.
Also mixes 30:1 as a spray in / leave in treatment to be sprayed into wet coat after shampooing.
»  Can be purchased in either 16 oz or Gallon size bottles
  Please contact us for Gallon Pricing    
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