Nature's Remedy™ Shampoo

This highly effective, yet gentle conditioning shampoo is specially formulated with itchy, inflamed skin in mind.


Nature's Remedy™ Shampoo uses a coconut oil derived sudsing agent for cleaning and conditioning, is made with purified de-ionized water, pH balanced, and contains 100% essential oils and soothing botanicals. The Australian Tee Tree oil soothes the itchy skin caused by most allergens. It removes infected tissue, replaces it with healthy tissue, and promotes healing as it cleans.

Highly effective on conditions such as dry or itchy skin, flea bite dermatitis, and other allergy related problems. Won't strip topical Flea Preventions.

Click here to see the results of a treatment with Nature's Remedy and Derma-Ease.



"After getting her, we washed her in Groomer's Secret Nature's Remedy and Groomer's Secret Silk Solutions Conditioner.  After her bath, her skin was normal again, her hair was soft.  She no longer itched!  It was like looking at a different dog!"

Beth Jancse, SC 


Product Usage
Lather well and rinse. Follow with a lather and let sit for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. Rinse well.
Follow with Derma-Ease on red, swollen or inflamed areas if needed.
Product Specifications
Nature's Remedy Shampoo is sold in CONCENTRATE form. This product mixes 3:1.
Can be purchased in either 16 oz or Gallon size bottles
  Please contact us for Gallon Pricing
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