About us

With more than 20 years experience in the dog world, Groomer's Secret™ was established in 2004 with the  belief that the ingredients used on your pet's  skin and coat are as important as the ingredients in your pet's diet. The use of quality, all natural, ingredients in combination with our experience in skin and coat health, makes Groomer's Secret™ the top selling dog products in retailers everywhere.


AKC Legends Angel of Grace, CD, CGC


It is our mission to educate the dog owner on the importance of proper skin and coat care. Many health conditions can be avoided by proper diet and the absence of harsh chemicals used in many pet care products.

We have developed our shampoos and conditioner to be the most effective for proper cleaning of a dog’s skin and coat. Our products have been and continue to be tested and utilized in our personal grooming business.

We believe the products used on your dog’s skin and coat should be formulated to safely clean, yet replenish, with natural proteins and soothing botanicals from Mother Nature. All of our products are made for every breed and coat type. Although most shampoos and conditioners on the market today imply that every breed needs its own product, the reality is that you must have the right ingredients for the skin type, not only the coat type. It has taken us several years to achieve the products that we feel thoroughly clean and promote healthy skin and coat.


Using all natural ingredients, without dye, synthetic perfume, or excessive sodium, we are able to offer the best for your dog’s health. The healing agents we use to formulate our shampoos, conditioner and sprays are extracted directly from flowers and plants.

Groomers that used Eartbath and Davis now prefer Groomer's Secret. Cost comparisons show that Groomer's Secret costs less per ounce than Earthbath, Lambert Kay product, Desert Sudz, and Top Performance shampoos and conditioners.


Protecting your dog’s skin and coat is our first priority. We are confident that once you have tried our products, you and your dog will love them!

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