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Protecting Your Dog's Skin and Coat is Our First Priority


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Summerville, SC

Prevent Hair Loss and Skin Problems in Dogs. Treat Flea Bite Dermatitis, Insect Bites and Dry Skin. Easily Detangle Hair and Control Odor With All Natural Products.

Groomer's Secret™ products are all natural Detergent free, biodegradable, do not contain dye, synthetic perfume, or excessive Sodium.

Common Problems:
Dog Skin Irritations
Skin Allergies
Flea Bite Dermatitis
Insect Bites
Dry Skin
Tangled Hair
Dog Odor
Hair Loss
Our Cures:
Specialized Skin Care
All Natural Products
Detergent Free
Environmentally Safe
Select Healing Agents
Natural Silk Protein
Tea Tree Oil
Soothing Botanicals
"The Difference is Clear..."
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  Coats scissor nicely when washed with Groomer's Secret. Groomers that used Earthbath, Davis, Lambert Kay, Desert Sudz and Top Performance shampoo and conditioners now prefer Groomer's Secret. Cost Comparisons show that Groomer's Secret is more cost effective than the leading shampoo products on the market today. Those with higher dilution ratios do not perform as well as Groomer's Secret products.